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Teleclass: The REAL Danger of Sugar

September 19, 2021, 4pm CST!








Don’t Miss This SPECIAL “Health thru Education” FALL PRESENTATION…


Sunday, September 19th at 4:pm Central Time (this will be longer than usual so allow some extra time for this detailed information, about 90 minutes – it’s actually another MiniClass providing you more information than any medical doctor would – it’s in keeping our commitment of sharing with you, “Health thru Education™”…

If you were not in the special H2TC membership, this mini course would cost $29.

Call-in Number: (267) 807-9601, Code: 630876#

Fall is a time to take stock of your life and allow your past challenges to fall just as leaves on a tree in order for new growth (health) to take place in the spring and beyond. I encourage you to take this time in planning for a healthier holiday season and a long-term commitment to embarking on a “Life Style Journey™” that helps you achieve aging without feeling or looking old, Naturally.  

NOTE: The 72-page eBook I wrote, “The NOT so SWEET Consequences” covers this subject in-depth and is a Fund-Raiser for “Harvest to Table”. We respectfully ask you to donate what you can for this valuable community project and to also ask family and friends to donate. 100% of the funds raised goes directly to funding the project. The link for donations is: www.lifestylejourney.org. The course alone would cost you $29., the book would be $22. 

We KNOW how dangerous Sugar and Carbs that convert to sugar, is for our health…however…Dr. Gloria will discuss some health sabotaging effects that many do not think about…this is a class you don’t want to miss as it affects everyone’s health, quality of life and life-expectancy.

DON’T “FALL” Victim to Viruses and Allergies that begin late summer and fall by sabotaging your immune defenses with “Sweet Poison” – The Holidays are upon us and sugar consumption in the U.S. alone increases over 50%. Dr. Gloria will discuss the following and much more… 

Presentation At-A-Glance…

  • The REAL Dangers of Sugar
  • Sugar = Inflammation
  • Brain Effects of Sugar
  • High Blood Sugar = Anxiety & Depression
  • Sugar Addition – A Perpetual Cycle
  • Sugar MORE Addicting than Cocaine & Heroin
  • How to DETOX from Sugar
  • Sugar = Candida
  • Sugar & Cancer
  • Sugar & Immunity
  • Hidden Sugar and it’s Aliases
  • Fatty Liver = Sugar Addiction
  • Healthy Sweet Alternatives
Dana Sims
Dana Sims

Founder/CEO, Head 2 Toe Change, LLC


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